Getting Ready for 2016

It’s been a wild year, and we’ve been so pleased with the way things have gone.  From the first days moving the glass to our new workshop while the paint was still drying, to our first trade show, to making literally thousands of items and shipping them out, to meeting people at markets and festivals all around the area in our tiny truck, we’ve had a great time.

It turns out that keeping a blog on this page isn’t something that we have a lot of time to update, but we do post regularly on Facebook, so if you want to follow our goings on, that’s where we recommend you look first.

We haven’t yet made any headway on selling our products online, but we’re still hoping to get that going in the coming months.  While we know there’s been a lot of requests to do so, it would be a lot of additional time and administration to handle individual orders in addition to all the wholesale orders and workshops that have kept us very busy.

Despite not offering much in the way of updates here, here’s a few pictures from the last year.


We’re updating our catalogue and getting ready for the 2016 Atlantic Craft Trade Show — perhaps we’ll see you there!

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