tim-jason-workWe produce fused glass giftware and household items, which we sell to shops, gift stores and galleries across Canada. Every piece is made by hand in a purpose-built workshop on the back of our home in Hantsport, Nova Scotia.

Our home is not open for retail sales but our products are available in a number of nearby stores, including:

Mtrade-showost of our products are made to order and sold wholesale to shops — interested buyers are always encouraged to get in touch.   We also sell our glass at area markets, art shows and summer festivals. Tim–a provincially-certified school teacher–regularly conducts workshops with a wide variety of area groups of all ages.  Contact us by phone or email to schedule a class!

About Fused Glass

Fused glass is an art form whose origins go back centuries, and we enjoy the challenges of working in this beautiful craft that we’ve loved for a long time.  There are many different techniques for shaping glass. Fusing separate pieces together with carefully controlled heat is easy to understand, but allows infinite possibilities.  We use sheets of transparent or opaque System 96 compatible glass, which means that all the available colours are pre-tested to make sure they will fuse together without fracturing.

Every piece is cut from sheets of coloured glass made specially for fusing.  Each completed product has anywhere from 5 to over 100 parts that are cut and arranged by hand.  After scoring, breaking, and often grinding the pieces, we assemble them and they’re fired in one of our electric kilns to a temperature of about 1425˚F (about 770˚C). Every bit of glass can be used, down to the smallest scraps, leaving almost no wasted materials. Best of all, the bright colours of glass will not fade, even in direct sunlight.

What’s New

Our 2018 Product Catalogue is available for new and existing wholesale customers. Contact us if you haven’t received one! You can also check us out on Facebook. That seems to be where we’re busiest online.

Contact us at schoolstreetglass@gmail.com