Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer classes?
No, but we have a do-it-yourself activity that can be done any time we’re open, and it’s suitable for all ages. In our classroom, you can choose from thousands of pre-cut pieces of colourful glass to make art of your own.

Can I come anytime to make art?
Yes! You can come in any time to make glass art. You do not need an appointment. We have tables ready all the time for customers to drop in and make something fun. You should allow at least an hour or two to make your project in our classroom.

Can I bring a large group of people to do the workshop?
Yes. We have a large back room that can accommodate up to 30 people. We’ve hosted birthday parties, seniors groups, day camps, school groups and more in our shop. Please contact us to check availability if you’re interested.

Can I add beach glass or other items to my glass art?
No. Different types of glass heat and cool at different rates, and can crack or break when fusing together in the heat of a kiln.

When will my artwork be ready?
We try to get finished projects back to people within a week or less.

We can’t make it back to pick up our art. Can you ship it to us?
Yes. We ship by Canada Post, and we can send you an electronic invoice for the shipping amount. Once it’s paid, we can ship your art wherever you like.

Can I make the products like you offer for sale in your shop?
No. When we make our products, we use lots of different tools and safety gear while working. The DIY activity requires no tools or safety equipment and can be done by people of all ages and ability levels. Our shop is not equipped to allow the public to work with our glass-cutting tools.

What are your prices?
The DIY workshop pieces range from $12-$32 each. Our products range from about $5 to $75. All listed prices in our shop INCLUDE the taxes.

Do you sell your products online?
No. Our glass is for sale at our own shop in Hantsport, as well as a number of other stores and galleries across Canada and the US. Here’s a list.

Do you sell your products wholesale?
Yes. We offer a wholesale catalogue to qualified buyers, and you can find us every year at the Craft East Buyers Expo in Halifax. Shopkeepers and buyers are encouraged to contact us for more information.

Do you do custom work?
Generally not — custom work is time-consuming and cost-prohibitive. We make our glass products in quantities–sometimes hundreds at a time–so we cannot spend many hours to make a single item. We encourage people who want a specific object to try their hand at making a “junk-de-verre” workshop piece for themselves.

What are your hours?
In the winter months, we are open Wednesday-Saturday from 10:00am to 5:00pm. After-hours workshops may be possible for larger groups. (12+ people). Contact us for details and availability.

Where are you located?
We are at 53 Main Street in Hantsport.

Where do you get your glass?
The special “System 96” fusing glass we use in our shop is made in the USA and Mexico, and is shipped to us from a wholesale supplier in Ontario.

Do you sell sheets of glass?
No. All the glass we get is used up in making our products. The “off-cuts” are either crushed into frit or tumbled and washed to add to our tables of “junk-de-verre” workshop glass.