Junk-de-verre Glass Making Workshops

Drop-in DIY Workshop

JDV1Come by our space in Hantsport to make a one-of-a-kind-piece of your very own.  Choose any glass you’d like from our huge piles of coloured glass, lay it on a blank glass tile, and we’ll fire it in our kilns and have it ready within about a week.

Drop in during business hours to make your own piece any time.  Larger groups (8+) can arrange after hours appointments as well.

Either size can be made as a coaster or suncatcher — let us know when you start.
3″ piece is $12
4″ piece is $18
(HST included)

Group Workshops

We are also booking workshops for classrooms and other organized groups.  Tim is a provincially certified teacher, with years of experience in the Annapolis Valley.

20150413_093132We provide a quick lesson in fused glass, how to work with our glass safely, and the opportunity for everyone to make a piece of glass of their own, using a huge variety of colours and shapes to make whatever you can imagine.  It’s easy — our scrap “Junk-de-Verre” glass is prepared to remove points and sharp edges.

Choose the glass you like, and glue it in place with a tiny bit of white glue.  When it’s complete, the glass has to be taken back to our workshop to be fused.  The finished pieces are ready within about a week.


Suncatchers have a ring fired in the corner for hanging, or we can turn your piece into a coaster, and put 4 small silicon bumpers on the bottom.

a 3″ piece is $12 per person
a 4″ piece is $18 per person
(HST included)

NOTE: We don’t recommend hanging your finished piece from a suction cup in a window — these almost always fail, and there’s no way to repair a broken piece.  We suggest fishing line or thread hanging from a nail, thumbtack, or eyehook.

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