We welcome the public into our space to make DIY (“Do-It-Yourself”) fused glass art. This activity is suitable for children and adults. Allow yourself at least 1-2 hours to make your art, though young children tend to finish quickly.
Appointments are not required for the activity, though large groups may want to call ahead. We always keep a table ready for drop-ins.
Please check our home page for our store hours.

“Junk-de-Verre” DIY Fused Glass Workshop

Make a one-of-a-kind-piece of your very own.  It’s easy:

We’ll put out loads of safe, clean, washed glass bits at your table. Choose your favourite bits to make whatever design you imagine, glue them on to your clear blank piece, and that’s it! We’ll fire your artwork in our kiln, and have it ready for pickup in about a week. The activity requires no cutting tools and is suitable for children and adults. The cost of the activity is based on the pieces you create.

More questions? Check out out FAQ page!

Workshop prices per item:
fridge magnet – $10
3″ piece – $12
round ornament – $14
plant stake – $16
small tray (3.5″ square)- $18
4″ piece – $20
3″ x 8″ rectangle – $32
5″ piece – $32
6″ piece – $40
5″x7″ rectangle – $40
(all prices include tax)

Group Workshops

Note: We follow all public health guidelines on the use of our spaces.

Call us at 902-791-1171 to check availability.

We make sure everyone knows how to do the activity before starting.  It’s easy to do but allows infinite possibility.  Our glass comes in a huge variety of colours and shapes to make whatever you imagine.  It’s very safe to handle — it’s prepared to remove points and sharp edges.

Finished pieces are ready within about a week.

The room is also available for meetings and other events at an hourly or daily rate.  Contact us for details.

Pricing is the same as in-store.
Minimum purchase of two pieces to take home a kit.
Price range: $12-45 per piece, depending on size

Take-home Junk-de-Verre workshop kit:

Drop in, contact us by phone (call or text 902-791-1171) or on FB Messenger to arrange rental of a take-home kit.

We have created a Fused Glass Take-Home kit so you can make your art at home and bring it back to us to be kiln-fired. A kit includes a large bag of washed glass off-cuts, a small bag of fun glass bits, washable glue, and clear blanks for your artwork. Design and create your art at home! After you’ve returned the kit, along with your pieces to us, we’ll put them in the kiln to finish your fused-glass art. Once it’s finished, we’ll let you know and make arrangements for pickup or delivery.

This activity has three steps:
1. Rent a kit, take it home and design your art.
2. Return your kit and finished art back to our store to be kiln-fired.
3. Collect your fused glass masterpiece.

Note: please return your kit within 30 days of rental so that we can clean the unused glass and prepare kits for others to do the activity.